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The number game: 7 Global trends in impact factor and other citation metrics

Sneha Kulkarni | Jun 19, 2015 | 19,125 views
Understanding the citation patterns and the trends in the use of impact metrics is vital to gaining insights into the dynamic landscape of scholarly publishing.

This is an exciting time for scholarly publishing with an exponential growth in scientific progress and knowledge expansion in the recent years. As scientific literature continues to expand and become more accessible, funders and researchers are attaching more importance to evaluating the academic impact of this growing body of publications. Therefore, research metrics and analytics based on metadata, such as, citations, alternative metrics, patterns of data usage, etc. are the focus of all major stakeholders. Although citations and impact factor (IF) continue to be strongholds of validation of research output, research metrics are constantly innovated upon because funders, researchers, libraries, and institutes seek new metrics that can either replace or supplement established metrics.

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