Q: Was Dirasat: Medical and Biological Sciences with ISSN 1026-3772 indexed in the Thomson Reuters list in the year 2002?

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There unfortunately doesn’t seem to be much significant information we can share about this, despite looking up various resources. This could be due to the following reasons:

  • The Thomson Reuters Master Journal List (MJL) became the Web of Science (WoS) MJL in 2016 (after Thomson Reuters sold the business to Clarivate Analytics). Unfortunately, the earlier MJLs or Journal Citation Reports (JCRs) are not available in any easily accessible archive. Incidentally, the journal’s name had changed too. It was initially called Dirasat: Pure and Applied Sciences.
  • The journal is possibly no longer being published. There is no information about the journal on the site of its (erstwhile) publisher, the Deanship of Scientific Research of the University of Jordan. Additionally, the journal is presently not indexed in either WoS MJL or PubMed.

As you asked about the indexing and serial number information, perhaps you are interested in this information for a library and information science (LIS) exercise. If so, and while you may have employed them already, here are a couple of options you could try:

Hope that helps.

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