Week 16: What’s happening around the scholarly publishing industry

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Week 16: What’s happening around the scholarly publishing industry

Being a busy researcher, if you’ve missed important updates from the academic publishing industry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 5 industry updates for this week.


1. Association for Computing Machinery retracts 300+ papers; questionable peer review

ACM has retracted 323 papers as they were the duplicates of another conference’s proceedings, the International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech) that took place on August 19-20, 2021 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company that peer reviewed the papers failed to flag the duplicity. A legal notice has been issued stating that the papers should not be cited since their integrity is in question.

You may read the entire news on Retraction Watch.


2. UKRI encourages Researchfish to share and report abusive tweets

Researchfish is a platform used by UK’s leading funders to track their progress. Many researchers posted comments on Twitter criticizing Researchfish’s service and were reported to their funders by Researchfish. Following this, these researchers reported cases of intimidation and bullying by the service provider. Now, UKRI, UK’s national research funder, has accepted that they had asked Researchfish to flag offensive tweets. They have publicly apologized for adopting this approach.

You may read the entire news on Research Professional News.


3. 21 Springer Nature journals to have gender-neutral titles by June 2022

To support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 10 to reduce inequalities and take a step toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Springer Nature has decided to change the titles of 21 journals belonging to the German language medical portfolio. The new titles will be based on the specialist field rather than the target profession. Clarivate will ensure changing the titles doesn’t affect the journals’ metrics in the Journals Citation Reports (JCR).

You may read the entire news on Springer Nature Group.


4. The German Academic Exchange Service extends support to Ukrainian researchers

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has recently launched a website named National Academic Contact Point Ukraine to provide all higher education information and support to Ukraine’s researchers. The website contains details about admissions in German universities, residential information, study and research prospects in Germany, and the country’s everyday life.

You may read the entire news on University World News.


5. Why hiring of colored presidents doubled up post the George Floyd case

A data set was released in February this year that showed that in the first 18 months after the George Floyd case, universities have hired colored candidates as presidents twice as much as they did in the 18 months before the incident occurred.

In a podcast organized by Inside Higher Ed, Lorelle L. Espinosa, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s program director and Eddie R. Cole, associate professor of higher education and history, University of California, break down this data and discuss what it means.

You may read the entire news on Inside Higher Ed.

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Published on: Apr 22, 2022


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