Q: What can be a good title for my research plan about making an automated device to generate electricity?

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The common type of houses here in the Philippines have ceilings. This ceiling is the the overhead inside lining of a room that protect us from the heat which is generated from the roof. However, the heat from the ceiling did not utilize and always remain as waste energy. Thus, I want to use this waste energy inside the ceiling to convert it into useful one- electric energy- by making an automated device using Seebeck generator.

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Unfortunately, since I do not have an understanding of your field, it would not be possible for me to suggest a suitable title for your research paper. Your study seems quite interesting though, and I am sure that with a little guidance, you yourself will be able to come up with a suitable title. 

Here are a few points to help you check whether your title is suitable:

  1. Does the title clearly indicate what your research is about?
  2. Is it brief, informative, and attractive?
  3. Does it include relevant descriptive keywords that readers are most likely to search for?

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