Q: What can be the significance and scheme of a study on the topic of child mental health and child rights?

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Hello Namrata – Welcome to the forum!

Firstly, your study, although around a serious topic (or two), is actually quite relevant, with increasing incidents of exploitation and abuse of children (in various forms) all across the world. It’s also relevant because children are an especially vulnerable section of the population, often not being able to speak up against the abuse/exploitation aimed at them, and this perhaps comes from first not knowing or understanding their rights.

Coming to your query, the significance of a study is basically the importance of the study for the broader area under discussion. In this case, the broader area could be children’s health and development – how they can grow up as secure, well-adjusted children into balanced, mature individuals. Additionally, it may be important for other dimensions, such as treatment/prevention of mental health issues among children and creation/revision of related policies.

In your case especially, the two aspects of the study – child mental health and child rights – may have significance for each other. Findings around children’s mental health can help devise and amend children’s rights (as necessary). Similarly, findings around children’s rights can help understand and remedy the challenges around children’s mental health (which may be a complicated area, again because children may often not be able to express themselves clearly or adequately).

Of course, all this will depend on the exact focus of your study. For more information on the significance of a study, you may refer to the following resources:

The second part of your query – scheme of the study – is not so clear. In academics, ‘scheme’ refers to the structure of a course or syllabus. So, perhaps you are referring to the structure of the paper. In that case, you should note that most academic papers follow the IMRaD structure: Introduction > Methods > Results (and analysis) > Discussion. If needed, you may learn more about IMRaD here: Tips for writing the perfect IMRAD manuscript

Hope that helps. All the best for your study!