Q: What does the manuscript status "submissions with production completed" mean?

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I have submitted my manuscript to a journal and now the submission system shows a status ‘submissions with production completed (1)’. What does this mean? I have submitted my manuscript to a Springer journal through Editorial Manager. 

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Once manuscripts are accepted and before they can appear in the journal as a publication, they need to undergo copy editing and production so as to prepare it for publication. 'Submissions with production completed’ is a status that shows accepted articles that have undergone the production process and is potentially ready for publication. The ‘(1)’ denotes that the production of 1 article has been completed. This means that your manuscript has been reviewed, accepted, and also undergone the steps by the publisher and is production ready.

If you need further clarification for your manuscript, you should email Springer to inquire further.


Editorial Manager Pages Modified by Production Tracking

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Answer: Dear MagressI've just get the same case (Submissions with production completed), so I want to know if that means (accepted manuscript) or (manuscript will be sent to reviewers). I addressed my question to you because you've experienced this and maybe you have yet received the editor's response. Thank you so much.