Q: What is an ICMJE statement when submitting to an Elsevier journal?

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When submitting to an Elsevier journal, I am requested to submit an ICMJE statement. Does anyone know about this? Is there any template for it?

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The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) is an industry body guiding best (ethical) practices in various areas of research publishing, such as authorship, submission, and conflict of interest. The ICMJE statement you are referring to is the Conflicts of Interest form. In the form, you need to mention information about certain aspects of your research and paper, such as names of authors, funding information, and relationships or affiliations. You need to download the form from the ICMJE site, complete it as instructed, and submit to Elsevier. (Note: Do not submit to ICMJE.)

The form is available via the ICMJE home page. You may access and download it here. It should be fairly easy to complete the form, as it provides detailed information and instructions. If needed, you may check with someone else, or if so desired, use the help of our submission service (which may also help you with the other aspects of your submission).

Hope that helps. And all the best for your submission!