Q: What is meant by "Editor assignment pending" for a Springer journal?

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I submitted a manuscript to Springer Journal. After several weeks I received an email saying that"Based on the advice received, the Editor feels that your manuscript could be accepted for publication should you be prepared to incorporate minor revisions". After incorporating the comments of reviewers, I resubmitted the paper. The status of my paper changed to"Editor assignment pending". Is it possible that my paper would still be rejected in the end?

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The status "Editor assignment pending" means that your paper has still not been assigned to an editor. In general, revised submissions are assigned to the same editor who was handling it the first time. In this case, it is possible that the editor is now busy and is unable to take on your manuscript at the moment, which is why the status shows "pending." Once the editor is done with his/her current tasks and takes on the evaluation of your paper, the status will change to "Editor Assigned" or "with Editor."

While it is difficult to predict the outcome of a paper, in your case since the decision letter has clearly mentioned that the paper will be accepted subject to minor revisions, I think the chances of getting a rejection at this stage are slim. If you have incorporated the changes suggested by reviewers in a satisfactory manner, your paper will, hopefully, be accepted.

Good luck!

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