Q: What is the difference between SJIF and IF?

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I have submitted one article to the journal with impact factor (SJIF) 0f 3.7. Later I came to know that the SJIF impact factor will not be considered the actual impact factor. My paper is already accepted, and now I want to withdraw my article. Please give me suggestions.

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It is a fact that Thomson Reuters’ JCR Impact Factor is the most reliable and authentic one, and is the only measure that is considered for the purposes of academic evaluation. Other metrics such as the Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF), Universal Impact Factor (UIF), Global Impact Factor (GIF), etc. are products of other indexing companies. Most reputable journals prefer to get indexed in JCR. Thus, as you have rightly said, for most academic purposes such as selection for academic interviews, awarding tenure, etc., SJIF will not be considered.

Since you wish to withdraw your paper from this journal, you will have to send an email to the journal to stop further processing of your paper immediately and explain that you wish to withdraw the paper. The journal might not readily agree to the withdrawal as the paper has already been accepted, but you will have to apologize and request them to comply. Note that the withdrawal process will be complete only after you receive the confirmation of withdrawal from the editor; hence, you will have to follow up with them. Do not submit your paper to another journal before you receive confirmation of withdrawal: this can be considered as duplicate submission.

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same mistake i have done. I have published 6 Research paper in SJIF 5+ impact factor and also not in the ugc care list. will it consider any where or not



Hi Amit,

Our response would be the same as earlier. Most institutions would look at only the Thomson Reuters’ JCR (now known as the Clarivate Master Journal List) IF. As you have published quite a few times already in non-IF journals, it looks like you may need some help with journal selection. In which case, you may refer to the following resources/service for guidance:

Hope that helps. All the best for future submissions! :-)