What next? Career navigation advice for PhDs and postdocs

What next? Career navigation advice for PhDs and postdocs

Choosing to pursue a PhD or postdoc requires you to make a huge investment. During your program, you invest your time, money, and dreams into doing something you love. Therefore, it is essential for you to ensure that after your PhD or postdoc, you find a job you love. PhD students are often confused and anxious about choosing the right career path after their program. The most obvious choice is between staying in academia to pursue further research/teaching positions and trying out a non-academic career that may not necessarily involve research. In either case, the question “What do I do after my research?” haunts them. We understand your anxiety, and to help you better, we’d like to share some helpful career navigation tips and resources.

This April, we will publish a series of posts aimed at helping you make a more well-informed career decision after your PhD or postdoc. Here’re some of the topics we will cover:

  • Career paths available to PhDs and postdocs, mapped on a visually appealing chart
  • A detailed analysis of career options available to PhDs from different fields
  • Tips on how to create an academic CV, prepare for an interview, and make the most of an academic career fair
  • Quick tips to help foreign PhDs prepare for a successful career in the US
  • Guidance on how to overcome career-related challenges faced by postdocs
  • A fun, interactive test to help you identify the career track you are best suited for
Who doesn’t want some career guidance! So stay tuned to Editage Insights for some useful tips on what you can do after your PhD or postdoc.

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