Q: What type of research would be the one described below, and which statistical test would be appropriate to analyze the data?

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A researcher conducted a study [showing] that most people who died during the pandemic bought a new phone last year.

If the researcher's assumption is correct, which statistical test would be appropriate to analyze the data?

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Your question, or rather, the researcher’s study/assumption is intriguing. However, your own query about the statistical test would need the brains of our stats experts. So, we shall refer to them and get back to you.

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Hello again, Ramesh! As stated earlier, we reached out to our stats experts, and here’s what they had to say.

You say that the researcher has conducted a study showing that most people who died during the pandemic bought a new phone last year. The stats tests that one would need to analyze this data would depend on the research question/hypothesis. If the researcher is trying to establish a correlation between buying a phone and dying during the pandemic, a simple odds ratio (using logistic regression to remove biases), would work. The specific tests would be guided by the theoretical framework of the study.

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We understand that you are eagerly seeking an answer to this query. (We see that you had posted the question again.) Unfortunately, though, our stats experts are yet to get back. Until then, I could suggest a couple of alternatives for obtaining a response.

  • Here’s an external guide that discusses a lot of stat tests and techniques. You may go through it to see if it helps.
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