Q: Which statistical analysis should be used for a study involving one IV with three levels and one DV?

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My study involves one IV with three levels (a chatbot with three different personalities) and one DV (user satisfaction, measured by one likert type item that is repeated for all three personalities; ie how satisfied were you with chatbot 1, how satisfied were you with chatbot 2 etc) and is a within measures design. Which statistical analysis do I use?

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Based on your study design, a one-way repeated measires ANOVA seems to be the most suitable statistical analysis. Let us understand why.


Your study has one independent variable (IV). Therefore, mixed ANOVA and two-way ANOVA are ruled out as both these analysis methods are typically used in experimental designs with more than one independent variable.


Repeated measures ANOVA is the equivalent of the one-way ANOVA, but for related groups, not independent groups. This test requires one independent variable and one dependent variable. The dependent variable needs to be continuous (interval or ratio) and the independent variable has to be categorical (nominal or ordinal).


Your study involves one IV that has three levels and one DV that is measured across the three levels of IV. So basically, you need to find out the satisfaction per user per level of IV. Thus, the response is continuous. Since DV is continuous across levels of the single IV, repeated measures ANOVA will be the most appropriate analysis for your study design.


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