Q: What would be the research objectives for my topic?

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My topic is ‘The effect of leadership styles on organizational performance in the university system.’

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We would not be able to directly help you come up with the research objectives for your topic, as formulating the objectives is an important part of conducting the research and also of assessing your understanding of research. Nevertheless, we can guide you on how to go about doing this.

A research objective is a specific outcome you are aiming for through your research. There may be a single objective for your research, though most research typically has multiple objectives. Most objectives broadly aim to achieve any or all of the following: address an existing gap in research, add to the current knowledge and understanding of the topic, or find a remedy for an existing problem. Some research can also be the preliminary research for a more in-depth exploration later.

As you can understand from this, a good starting point for conceiving of and coming up with the objectives is going through the existing literature on the topic, including both empirical studies and theoretical papers. Additionally, you may also go through expert articles. Based on the knowledge you would have gained from your literature review, you would be in a better position to know where you wish to go with your research, and would thus be able to arrive at relevant objectives.

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