What's happening in the scholarly publishing industry this week

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What's happening in the scholarly publishing industry this week

As a busy researcher, if you’ve missed important updates from the scholarly publishing industry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 5 industry updates for this week.


CAS calls off their subscription to China’s largest academic publishing database

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has cancelled its subscription to China National Knowledge Infrastructure, the country’s largest academic publishing database. They have stated high subscription fees and complex subscription policies as the reason. The access to the database was taken away from CAS users on 21 April, 2022.

You may read the entire news on University World News.


Elsevier strikes a deal with faculty management platform Interfolio

Elsevier is expanding its research intelligence portfolio by getting into an agreement with Interfolio, a faculty information solutions provider for higher education. As part of Elsevier’s Research Intelligence portfolio, Interfolio will work together with Elsevier to build and improve academic solutions that simplify several research processes, like securing funding and showcasing research impact.

You may read the entire news piece on Elsevier.


Graduate degrees, jobs in humanities on a decline in the U.S.; not all news is bad

As per a recent report, State of the Humanities 2022:  from Graduate Education to the Workforce published by the Humanities Indicators Project, the number of postgraduates in humanities in the US has steeply declined, and now contributes to just 7% of total master’s and doctoral degrees across disciplines. The report also brings to light the downward trend of the academic job market and the lack of diversity in humanities. Despite this intensifying crisis, it was also reported that a majority (90%) of graduate degree holders in the humanities are satisfied with their jobs.

You may read the entire news on Scholarly Kitchen.


International student fees waived off for Ukrainian refugees

UK’s universities have put an upper limit of £9,250 per year on the fees for all Ukrainians who’ve fled their home country, the same amount which is charged for British citizens. Besides getting a home fee status and tuition caps, the universities are also extending support to Ukrainian students by giving access to other facilities like education loans.

You may read the entire news on Times Higher Education.


CACTUS acquires “world’s largest scientifically-accurate illustrations gallery”

In a move to scale up its technology offerings for the global researcher community, Cactus Communications, a company accelerating scientific advancement, has acquired Mind the Graph, a SaaS platform. With this technology acquisition, CACTUS now has the world's largest gallery of scientific illustrations, and can provide automated, DIY science figures and AI-powered scientific communication solutions to the researcher community, academic publishers, and the life science industry.

To find out more about this update, visit Cactus Communications.

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Published on: May 04, 2022


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