Q: When can I expect the status "Awaiting AE Recommendation" to change?

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My first submission attempt was rejected by journal, but they offered resubmission after incorporating review comments. After resubmission, it went to "Under review" quickly. Then the status changed to "Awaiting AE Recommendation" after a month. It has been three weeks since. How long do I need to wait to get the result? Thanks!  

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It is difficult to estimate how much longer you need to wait. Once the completed reviews come in, the Associate Editor (AE) evaluates them and gives his recommendation to the EiC. The EiC gives the final verdict based on the AE's recommendation. Since the reviews have come in, the AE should ideally not take too long to give his recommendation. However, sometimes, the AE is not satisfied with the reviews and feels the need for an additional review. If that is the case, then the paper will go under review again and the time taken can be much longer. You can wait for another couple of weeks and if there is still no status change, you can write to the AE politely inquiring when you can expect a decision. 

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