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When is the right time to inform the journal that I agree to revise my paper?

I have got my paper edited by you before. Now this paper is at "Revision Requested" stage. I read the editor's mail which mentioned major revision. The paper needs extensive revisions which will take me around 2 months. There is an "Agree to revise" and a "Decline to revise" button on the submission system. Should I click on "Agree to revise" now and return the revised paper after two months? Or should I click on it after my revision is almost done? Sorry this is my first time submitting a manuscript. Thank you and wish you a Happy New Year!

Basically, the journal wants to know whether you wish to continue with them and are ready to make the suggested changes. This is because some authors might not want to make changes that require a lot of time and effort and would rather submit the paper to another journal. If you are willing to make the changes, you should click on the "Agree to revise" button now. That way, you just inform the journal that you intend to continue with them. You will not be expected to make the revisions and submit the revised paper immediately. Once you agree to revise, you will probably be assigned a deadline for submitting the revised manuscript. If you feel that you will not be able to submit within the deadline, you can write to the editor requesting an extension and mentioning a preferred date of submission. However, once you're granted an extension, make sure you do not breach that deadline.

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