Q: Which sampling technique should I apply?

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If there are 602 students in a school, from which we have to draw 300 samples, which sampling technique should I apply and why?

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Considering that we don’t have much context about your study, we shall attempt to answer this query to the best of our understanding.

Sampling methods are typically chosen depending on the purpose of the study and the characteristics of the population. In this particular case, you could choose from two sampling methods:

  • Random sampling: In this type of sampling, each participant is chosen entirely by chance, and each member in the population has an equal probability of selection. To obtain a random sample, one can assign a specific number to each individual and then generate a table of random numbers to select the sample.
  • Systematic sampling: If both, the size of the population and size of the sample are known, this technique can be used to select individuals at regular intervals. Since you need a sample size of 300 from a population of 602 individuals, you can include every alternate individual from the population.

Note that although systematic sampling is easier, it could lead to bias in some cases.

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