Q: Why is my revised paper not being sent for a second round of review?

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Hello everyone! I sent my manuscript to a journal with a good impact factor (around 2). They sent the manuscript back and suggested major revisions, which I did. After I submitted it again, the status almost immediately changed to ''Awaiting final decision"(it didn't change to ''Waiting for reviewer scores’’) and it remains the same for almost 10 days. Why wasn't it sent for review again? Does this mean that my manuscript is going to be rejected? It should ideally be sent for review again I feel, because reviewers should see the changes I have made. 

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As you have correctly mentioned, manuscripts with major revisions are usually sent for a second round of review. However, the decision to send the paper for review lies completely with the editor. If the editor does not feel the need to send it for review once again, and if he/she feels equipped to take a decision without a review, it might not be sent for a second round of review. I don't think this indicates rejection because, as you have mentioned, the status almost immediately changed to "Awaiting final decision." It would have taken the editor some time to go through the revised paper to decide whether to accept or reject it. In fact, it is possible that the editor or a member of the editorial board has expertise on this topic and, therefore, they have decided to go ahead with an internal review rather than an external review.

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Answer: Just wanted to give feedback. They accepted it!!! :). It seems that the editor decided to make a final decision without sending back the revised manuscript to reviewers.