Q: Will my manuscript be rejected if a word is missing in the revised version?

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I have found a word missing in a sentence after submitting the revision. Will it lead to rejection of the manuscript?

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It’s great that you are looking into your manuscript even after sending the revised version. It would of course have been ideal to catch this slip before the resubmission, but we are human.

To answer your question, and to assuage your fears, no, it’s unlikely that the journal will reject a manuscript just for a missing word. You haven’t mentioned what level of revision you had to make, whether minor or major. (We assume it was major.) Either way, if the journal has asked you to make a revision, it is at least somewhat interested in your paper.

Having said that, you could drop the editor a mail about this miss. It will show to them just what was displayed here: your desire to get your manuscript right in every way and therefore to see it make its way first to acceptance and then to publication.

Speaking of which, while this is more useful at the time of the initial submission, you may also wish to know about R Pubsure, a manuscript assessment tool (from a sister brand) that puts your manuscript through a series of checks to help you make it submission-ready. The aim is to minimize or even avoid the possibility of a desk rejection. Again, while it’s more critical at the time of the initial submission, it could also be a handy go-to tool for resubmission. You may learn more about the tool/platform here: R Pubsure (You may also view a sample check report here.)

Hope both pieces of information help. Apart from these, as you are concerned about rejection, you may find it also useful to go through these resources:

Finally, hope you get to hear positive news from the journal, and soon!