Q: Would you give me example sentences of annotations regarding translation/citation permission?

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I’m going to translate figures/tables of an English paper into Japanese and cite them, and I got permission from its author. As a conditions to permit, the author is asking me to include annotations of following 3 things in my paper: 1) there may be differences in nuances due to different languages, 2) it is recommended to refer to the citation source, and 3) the author of the cited paper is not liable for translation errors. I’m going to annotate these 3 things in Japanese, but would you provide me the example sentences?

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Thank you for your question.

We understand that have obtained permission from an author to reproduce their figures and tables from English to Japanese. You can check the guidelines of your target journal for any specific format to cite such instances. If none are available, you can refer the following examples to cite the paper:

Format of figure caption (replace Figure with table for table citations)

Figure X. A concise explanation of the figure. Adapted and translated from “Title of article,” by A. Author, B. Author, and C. Author, Year, Journal Title, Volume, page number. Copyright Year by "Name of copyright holder". Adapted with permission.

Note: There may be differences in nuances due to different languages and author of the cited paper are not liable for any translation errors.

Hope this helps. All the best for your study!