Infographic: 8 Plagiarism myths debunked

8 Plagiarism myths debunked

This infographic was originally published on Plagiarism Check.Org  and has been republished here with permission.

 Plagiarism refers to stealing another person’s work and representing it as your own.

While not illegal itself (unless happening alongside copyright infringement), plagiarism can lead to excessive penalties as most professions consider it unethical and a serious breach of trust.

So, avoiding plagiarism should be straightforward, right?
Not quite.

Many factors can contribute a general misunderstanding of plagiarism: what it is, what the consequences are, and what alternatives are available. Add to that the pressure of a looming deadline, and it’s no wonder so many myths about plagiarism are still in circulation.

Let’s see if we can clear up a few of them. Here are 8 common myths about plagiarism today.

For a start, take a look at this neat infographic revealing the eight commonest ones:

8 Plagiarism Myths Debunked
8 Plagiarism Myths Debunked Infographic by



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