Q: Is it acceptable to use excerpts from my thesis verbatim in my journal article?

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I am revising my thesis into a journal article. I will rewrite the thesis chapters but I have a few concerns. Will the journal accept my article if: 1. The sub-theme of the article is the same as the title of one of the thesis chapters 2. Some specific sentences are copied or revised slightly from thesis chapters 3. The profile of participants is kept the same as in the thesis. 

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It is a common practice to write a journal article from one’s thesis. Therefore it is alright if you use content from your thesis to write your article and the journal editor should not have  a problem as long as you clarify this. You should cite your thesis in the manuscript and inform the journal editor in the cover letter that your article has been adapted from your thesis. Once this is done, you can use your thesis in any way for your journal article. It is fine if one of the themes of the article is the same as the title of a chapter of your thesis. You can also use excerpts from your thesis verbatim in your research paper. Of course, since a journal article and a thesis are different genres of writing, you will need to adapt your content to suit the requirements of the journal. 

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