Q: Can anyone please help me with the justification of my study?

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My research question is: ‘How have economic, political, and social factors been affected by artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years?’ Please help.

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Your research question is both current and interesting. The use of AI has been growing in recent years, having expanded to several fields, but also raising some concerns in the process.

Coming to your query, the justification (also known as rationale) of the study is quite simply why the study is needed. As just mentioned, AI has been touching upon various aspects of our lives, including the social, economic, and political, changing them in unprecedented ways, which may be both beneficial and worrying.

However, you will be able to arrive at pointed, specific reasons for conducting the study after doing a comprehensive literature review – that is, looking up other studies in this area. Like the growth of AI, studies in the field have been increasing too, including specific aspects such as machine learning and natural language processing. So, you could look up studies in repositories such as DOAJ. Once you go through a decent amount of literature, you may also identify gaps that you could address in your study as also how to make your study distinct from existing ones (especially if you are looking to have it published).

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All the best for your study!