Q: Can I cite my poster presentation as a reference for a journal article?

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When submitting a manuscript to a peer-reviewed international journal, can we cite my poster presentation at a conference as a reference instead of a paper?

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While your question is very clear, the scenario of your paper submission isn’t entirely clear. Let us explain. It’s not clear if the paper you are submitting is for the same research that you presented as the conference poster or for some other research. Here’s why it might help to know.

If it’s based on the same research as presented at the conference, that is the usual practice, as one builds on the findings presented at a conference and develops that into a journal article. In that case, you are okay in citing the conference poster. Apart from that, you may also wish to inform the editor at the time of submission that the paper is based on a previous conference poster.

However, if the journal article is based on the conference poster for some other research, the question would be whether that poster also led to the development of a journal article? If so, it would be better to reference that article instead of the poster, as the article would have more in-depth information than the poster. For more insights into this scenario, you may refer to this similar query from not too long ago by another researcher: Can I cite a poster presentation as a reference?

If that poster did not result in a journal article, that’s fine as well. Perhaps the poster presented preliminary findings, and based on the feedback at the conference, it was decided not to pursue that research any further.

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