Q: Can I make corrections in my research paper's figure during the galley proofs?

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My paper has been accepted for publication. I have sent the final version to the editor for galley proofs, but I just found an error in one figure. I used two similar figures (e,i., Figure 1 includes two figures a and b, but I put two similar figure 1b). However, this mistake did not occur in the first and second submission. During checking for the final submission, I have resized some symbols in this figure and made this mistake when transferring it into the manuscript. May I correct this mistake during galley proofs?

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Journals generally do not encourage corrections at the page proof stage as revisions to material that has already been typeset can be expensive. However, most journals make allowances in case of factual errors. 

You should make the change in the galley proofs and also inform the editor about this, explaining how the mistake has occurred. Hopefully, the editor will agree to make the change. 

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