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Can I request the journal to consider publishing my article that exceeds the word limit?

As per the peer reviewers’ comments, my article exceeds the prescribed word limit (67,000 words, against a limit of 55,000 words). According to the journal's instructions for authors, if the number of words is exceeded, it would be considered on a case-by-case basis. How can I tell the journal editor to consider my case?

I think the figures you have provided refer to the character count rather than the word count. First of all, I would suggest that you try to reduce the word/character count if possible. Your article exceeds the prescribed character count by 12,000 characters, which is quite a lot. The journal might not have enough space to accommodate all those extra characters. Although the instructions for authors mention that the journal will consider publishing articles that exceed the word limit, they would probably take a call based on how far the article exceeds the word limit. Additionally, even if you can manage to reduce the word count to some extent, the editor will see that you have made an effort. Once you have reduced the word count as far as possible, you can write to the editor explaining that you have tried your level best, but you were unable to reduce any more words without affecting the quality of the article. You can then request the editor to consider your case.

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