Q: Can I use data from my previous publication to prepare the next manuscript?

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Please let me know how to reuse the original data in a follow up paper. My paper has been accepted by a journal recently and I am going to submit a follow-up paper to another journal. I used the data for altered expression of two genes in the accepted paper and am planning the next paper showing altered expression of six other genes. Can I use the part of the data of the altered expression of the two genes from the accepted paper in the follow up paper?

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Usually presenting the same data in multiple publications is not ethically acceptable practice. Such overlapping publications are strongly discouraged. If you consider the previous data is absolutely essential for the paper on the follow-up study, please inform the editor of the journal about this. The author should make every effort to ensure clarity and transparency in their submissions and in such situations, the decision of the editor will be the final one. Also, the follow-up paper should clearly mention that the concerned data has been published elsewhere citing the earlier paper as the reference.

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