Q: Can the status change to "Decision in process" without a request for revisions?

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My paper went under review for a few months and two days ago the status changed to 'Under editor's evaluation.' Today it has changed to 'Decision in process'. I have not yet received any revision request. Does this mean that it is going directly to a final decision of rejection or acceptance? Or can the final decision include a revise and resubmit as well?

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A manuscript can receive any of the following decisions:

  • Accept 
  • Reject
  • Resubmit with major revisions
  • Resubmit with minor revisions 

Thus, it's not just an acceptance or rejection decision that is taken by the editor after peer review; even revise and resubmit decisions come within the scope of editorial decisions. Your paper seems to be progressing through the editorial process quite smoothly. I think you can expect the decision to be completed within the next few days. Once the status changes to “Decision complete,” the editor will send an email to you informing you about the decision. All the best!

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