Q: Can you help me with my various questions on writing a systematic literature review for my thesis?

Detailed Question -

1. What topic on social interaction skills of learners with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) inside an inclusive classroom is worth investigating?

I find it difficult to write in systematic form the review of related literature and Chapter 1. I find it difficult also to find the gaps in reviewed literature. Please give me some tips on this.

2. How do I systematically write the introduction and the background of the study?

I have several articles cited in my manuscript, but I still did not achieve the objective of my study. I find it difficult to interconnect ideas by different researchers. Please give me guidance on the important ideas to include in developing and improving ideas in Chapters 1 and 2 to be able to find the gaps in literature.

3. Can I send a copy of my manuscript to easily find the problem I have to investigate?

Can you help me arrange the ideas or theories from reviewed literature to systematically form it and to easily find the problem I have to investigate? Please.

4. How do I write a systematic literature review for my thesis?

I almost quit my thesis 1 subject in my master's degree as I find it really difficult to form a systematic literature review. Please help me. The title of my thesis proposal is 'Crossing the bridge of relationships: social interaction skills of learners with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) inside the inclusive classroom.'

5. How should I systematically arrange cited articles to come up with a good review of related literature for my thesis?

My title is - Crossing the Bridge of Relationships: Social Interaction Skills of Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder Inside the Inclusive Classroom.

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Hello Anne – Welcome to the forum.

We have noted all your questions around what seems to be a project on writing a review of related (RRL) for your thesis. As you can see, we have combined your questions into a single question as some of the points you asked about are related. For most, we’ll provide a relevant link to help you easily get started. The sense we get though on going through your various queries is that you probably need to spend more time in the planning part of your research and research writing (the pre-research and pre-writing parts, so to speak). Once you have planned well, conducting the research/review and writing become much easier. We have accordingly categorized the links we have provided below (at the end of this response).

About sending your manuscript for a check/review, please note that Editage Insights is a platform providing content and guidance for researchers/academics, but we do not review manuscripts. That falls in the domain of Editage, which has a suite of services ranging from editing to experimental design to journal selection and submission. From what you have described, your paper may benefit from any or all of a scientific/technical review, an experimental design review, and a literature search. If interested, you may learn more about Editage’s services here.

And now, here are the various links we promised earlier. For good measure, here also is a resource on building academic rigor as you talked about considering quitting one of your subjects: 7 Secrets to help you build academic resilience

Research planning

Research writing

Hope these help. All the best for the various aspects of your research/academic life that you have mentioned here. And keep the faith. :-)