Q: Can you help me write the background of my study on a comparative assessment of land reforms?

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My topic is ‘A comparative assessment of the land reforms of Zimbabwe and Mozambique from 1998 to 2008.’ I do not know how I am supposed to write the background of the study.

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Your topic is very specific, in terms of geography as well as period. So, we may not be able to help you directly. However, we can provide some pointers.

The background of a study sets the context for the study, telling the reader why the study is important. In this case, you will need to talk about why an assessment of the land reforms of these two countries for that 10-year period is important. For writing the background, you will need to do a comprehensive literature review, going through relevant earlier studies and even expert articles. You may also choose to look at land reforms studies of other countries and geographies to gain vital insights. You need to write the background in the Introduction section of the paper.

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