Q: Can you help me write the background of study about substance abuse among young adults?

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The topic is: A Study on The Perception of Substance Usage Among Young Adults and Its Contribution to Social Stigma

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The background of a study is the first part of the Introduction section and it sets the context of the study. Since the background is the first part of your actual paper that the readers will see, you should make it as engaging as possible. The background should explain why your research topic is important. It should give a brief overview of what research has been done so far on the topic and highlight the gaps that need to be addressed. It must further state how your research will address some of those gaps.

Begin  by answering the question "What is known about the broad topic of your research?" In your case, you could start with a generic discussion about substance abuse, and its usage among young adults. You could then explain the general perception young adults have about substance abuse. You could then go on to discuss which specific areas of this topic have been covered in existing literature and then narrow down the discussion to the social stigma around substance around.

These resources will help you write an effective background of your study: