Q: Can you help with writing the background of my research around construction site safety?

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My topic is: The impact of construction health and safety practices in reducing construction site accidents and incidents.

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Your topic is a pertinent one. In a way, the path to writing the background is indicated in the title itself. :-)

Now, the background of a study has to provide the context for the study – why it is necessary and how it is relevant to the broader area (and in this case, also the community and society at large). So, your background will basically have to talk about the number of construction site incidents and accidents that take place each year (in whatever geography your study pertains to), how they are caused (negligence, lack of awareness/education, unconducive conditions, and so on), and how implementation of certain practices can help reduce or prevent these incidents and accidents. As all this information is largely data- and statistics-related, you will be able to write a compelling background by reading up relevant literature (existing studies) around the topic.

From our side, here are a few resources to help you get started:

For more information, you may look up the site using the relevant keywords. Hope that helps. And all the best for your study!