Q: Can you provide any tips on how to write the literature review with regard to theoretical and empirical studies?

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In my topic ('The effects of supporting employee's personal growth and development on the organization's performance'), I am struggling to find the empirical literature that talks about how supporting the employee's personal development could improve the organization's performance. Any tips on how to overcome this?

On the same lines, would a statistics report such as the one alongside be an example of an empirical study? '83 percent of workers participating in a mentoring program admitted that their experience positively influenced their desire to stay at their organization (River's 2018 research).'

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Firstly, based on the topic title, we understand this is a follow-up question to this one: What would be the right sampling technique for a research involving multiple case studies?

Also, you seem to be primarily seeking tips and clarifications. So, we'll provide pointers and then include relevant links for you to explore more. Let's then take your various queries or concerns in sequence.

Tips on writing a literature review

For this, you may refer to these couple of articles:

Help with finding relevant literature

You’ll need to make your literature search more focused/impactful, for which you should find the following articles useful:

Identifying empirical studies

Including (more of) empirical studies is essential for a topic such as yours, which talks of the effects of an X on a Y. Coming to the information you have provided, it's a citation and secondary data. However, we were not able to find the original report or article from which this seems to be taken. In the case of secondary data, you need to be a bit more cautious. In this specific example, you may need to check whether this was part of a study (done through a questionnaire or survey) or simply from a feedback form collected at the end of the said program.

For more help with secondary data collection and utilization, you may refer to the following resources:

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Actually, there isn’t enough information provided here to either suggest or comment on a title. In case you are just starting the research, it would be advisable not to worry too much about the title for now. You could come up with a ‘working title,’ and then refine that when you write the paper. Presently, if you are indeed just getting started, you would need to first get a fix on your research question and your problem statement. Once your basic content is in place, you could come up with a title based on the tips provided in these pieces:

And for information around the new normal, that is, the post-COVID-19 life, you may find it worthwhile to go through our dedicated site on the pandemic: covid19.researcher.life

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