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Career Advancement

The biggest question researchers are faced with is whether to leave academia or pursue further research. The increasing competition within academia makes it even more difficult to make the right decision. This section is dedicated to providing you with resources, information, and tips that will help you make more informed career choices after your PhD or postdoc and develop skills necessary to start your job search.
Live Q&A on PhD Careers
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Attending a career fair is a great way for Phds and postdocs to find research jobs, meet potential funders, learn about other job opportunities within or outside academia, and build a network. This video shares seven mistakes researchers typically make before, during, and after attending a career expo and shows how you can make the most of attending an academic career fair. 
8 Tips for a successful academic job search
The academic job market is extremely competitive. You will have to stay ahead of the curve to be able to get a foothold in academia. This post will share tips to help you during the academic job search process so that you feel more confident during and in control of your job search.
10 Survival strategies for the postdoc life
A postdoc position is often looked upon as a stepping stone to a tenure track faculty position. But a postdoc also involves a unique set of challenges which many PhD graduates do not anticipate when they apply. In this post, I look at some of the challenges faced by postdocs and offer tips on how you can avoid them if you are considering postdoctoral research after your PhD.
4 Tips for foreign students looking to do a PhD in the US
If you are aspiring to pursue your PhD in the US, this post is just what you need. Navigating the PhD is challenging in itself, and when you have to pursue a PhD abroad, it seems like a daunting task. Dr. Nirupama Sridhar shares four practices that helped her cope with the pressure of navigating a PhD in a new academic culture and environment. 
How to prepare for an academic interview
The process for an academic interview is quite different from a regular interview. This post explains what an academic interview is like and provides some tips on how you can prepare for it.
How to create an academic CV
Having a good academic CV is the first and perhaps most crucial step towards getting started on your career path after your PhD. Most often, the CV is the door that leads to interview calls. This post gives some helpful tips on how to create a CV that will appeal to potential employers.
Academia or industry
“Should I stay in academia or join the industry?” is a question every PhD student or postdoctoral researcher faces as he or she draw closer to completing research. This post will take a closer look at the career paths available to researchers from five broad scientific fields – the life sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering. While academic research is often regarded as a preferred career path for postdocs, industry holds as much allure with the wide spectrum of options it...
Live Q&A
Get your career-related questions answered live by these experts! Karen Kelsky Founder and President, The Professor Is In PhD (Anthropology) Karen Kelsky is the Founder and President of The Professor Is In, which provides advice and consultancy services to researchers and academics, and a regular columnist at the Chronicle of Higher Education. A former R1 tenured professor and department head, and a cultural anthropologist by training, Dr. Kelsky explains the unspoken rules of the...
15 Career paths for PhDs and postdocs
Often, PhDs and postdocs are confused about choosing the right career after their research and most often they do not know that there are several options available to researchers within and outside academia. This infographic charts 15 such career paths you could explore after completing your PhD or postdoc.