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Could you share some grammar tips to write a scientific research article?

I am a non-native English speaker from Vietnam. I am a Chemical Engineering lecturer in Hanoi. I am trying to write a scientific research paper related to the chemical field, but it seems to me that I lack knowledge in using suitable grammar structure to express my ideas when describing the materials/instruments, and writing the abstract, results, and discussion parts. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to hearing your comments.

Unfortunately, there are no specific grammatical structures that are used for scientific writing. Irrespective of your field, you need to have a fairly good command over the language to be able to express your ideas in English. However, for a non-native speaker, it is difficult to master English with native fluency, particularly if you are not living in an English speaking country. 

You will need to read and write a lot in English. You should incorporate English into your daily life. For instance, you could try reading an English newspaper or watch English programs on TV. You could also consider taking up a good English language course. However, even if you do all of this, it will take you a fairly long time to master the language. 

In the meantime, if you need to write scientific papers, but are not confident of the grammar and language you are using, you can take the help of professional editing services and get your manuscript edited. They will not only correct the grammatical errors, but will also help you express your ideas in a better way. 

Here are a few resources that might help improve your academic writing skills:


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