Q: Do I need a member registration to read an article published in the Academy of Management Journal?

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Should I need to make a registration as a member when downloading an article from Academy of Management Journal? I want to know if I can read an article without a member registration.

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The Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) seems to follow the traditional subscription model of publishing where the reader pays to read articles. However, you need not be a member to be able to download/read an article from the journal. There is an option for non-members to purchase access to individual articles. To quote from the AMJ website:

Non-members of the Academy of Management can purchase access to individual publication articles. Browse through the full archive of online content from http://journals.aom.org/search and select the article you want access to. When you are prompted to sign in, select the "Purchase Short Term Access" option and proceed to follow the instructions. 

A couple of articles that I tried to access were priced at 25USD for 3 days. 

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