Q: Does a plagiarism check service include rewriting the part that was evaluated to have high similarity?

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From the well-known services (and tools) that are available, we see that they are intended to only check for plagiarism or high similarity, and not make the corresponding edits. They do provide you a report, with comments on what to address and how to go about addressing them. The rewriting, or editing, is a separate service. This is the case with our plagiarism check service. (Our manuscript editing services are intended to help improve the manuscript in various ways in order to make it submission-ready.)

The rationale for not including rewriting in the service is perhaps that writing to avoid plagiarism involves understanding referenced content and then writing it in one’s words, and therefore, is best to leave to the author. This would help the author be more conscious of the issue and would also help them gradually improve their writing.

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