Q: During the submission process, how do I answer the journal's question about research implications?

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The following question is required by a journal during the submission process: ‘What are your research’s implications towards theory, practice, or policy?’ What does it mean? How do I answer it?

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It’s great to know that you are on the verge of submission. All the best!

To come to your question, the implications of your research are meant to show how the findings/results of your study can go toward shaping a policy or policy change, effecting a change in the current practices or leading to a new practice, or simply adding to the existing body of knowledge around the topic (that is, theoretically). You typically need to write this in the Discussion/Conclusion of your paper and somtimes even the abstract. So, you could take this from there. If you don't presently have it there, it would help to go and first include it there. In the form, depending on the space provided, you could mention the implications in a couple of lines, perhaps even through bullet points.

For more information on writing the implications, you may go through these previous queries by other researchers.

Additionally, here are a couple of resources on writing the Discussion section, as that’s where the implications are first written (as mentioned previously).

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Hope that helps. Again, all the best for your submission!