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Finding and sharing your research impact: A webinar by Altmetric

Editage Insights | May 12, 2015 | 5,212 views
Finding and sharing your research impact: A webinar by Altmetric

Editage has invited Altmetric to conduct a webinar that will help researchers discover evidence that their research is having an impact across the world. 

Details of the webinar

Date: May 27, 2015 (Wed)

GMT/UTC: 5.30 am

Japan: 2:30 pm JST
Korea: 2:30 pm KST
China: 1:30 pm CST
Taiwan: 1:30 pm TST
New York: 1.30 am EST

Duration: 1 hour

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for any researcher in the sciences interested in getting a job, advancing their career, or securing grants.

Why should you attend?

You’ll learn how to discover hard evidence of the many ways your research is having an impact across the world--data that can help your career in many ways.

Here's a brief outline of the session

  • There are many types of research impact that can now be tracked thanks to data from platforms like Mendeley, Wikipedia, Twitter, Sina Weibo, and PubPeer. It’s a lot for researchers to keep track of, but luckily services like Altmetric make it easy!

  • Scholars are increasingly getting credit for creating and sharing their research in formats beyond the journal article.

  • We’ll teach you how to use Altmetric to track the attention that all your work receives online.

  • We’ll also share examples of ways that other researchers have used this data for career advancement.

This session will be led by Stacy Konkiel, the research metric consultant at Altmetric. At Altmetric, she studies incentives systems in academia, research metrics, and disciplinary attitudes towards the idea of “impact.” Since 2008, she has worked at the intersection of Open Science, research impact metrics, and academic library services.

To know more details and to register for this event, click here. Hurry! The seats are limited!



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