Q: For my published article, can I change the format of the table showing the results of my analysis for sharing online?

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The format of the table that I have previously presented seems a bit distracting. I just intend to make it more organised and presentable. I do not intend to change the content. Can I edit this aspect of the article and then publish in on ResearchGate without emailing the journal?

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Welcome back, Safaa! And congrats on being published! From your previous queries, we understand your paper may be around literature/the humanities, and based on your earlier queries, we believe it would be quite academically insightful. :-)

Now, coming to your query, while it may not be entirely unethical to do so, only because it’s such a minor thing, we would suggest not doing it as it wouldn’t be the ideal thing to do. The thing is, if you do so, the version on ResearchGate would be different in this matter from that on the journal site. As the article is linked on ResearchGate, anyone who wishes to also view it on the journal site, may find a discrepancy between the two articles. Also, it’s a minor thing (an enhancement). So, we would suggest leaving it be.

What you may rather wish to focus on now, which is apparent in your need to make the table more presentable, is to think of ways of promoting your published paper. For this, you may find the following resources helpful:

Apart from that, you may wish to know more about the services of our research promotion brand, Impact Science, which can help you with anything from lay summaries to infographics. In fact, from what you have described, the table (which collates the results of your analysis), could make for a very nice infographic, and you could make the enhancements you are looking to make there. You may learn more here: Impact Science

Hope that helps.

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