Q: How can I determine the correct format for my manuscript before submitting to a journal?

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I know each journal has specific formatting requirements for submitted manuscripts.  Where can I find the correct article format for a specific journal?

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Majority of the journals have specific formatting guidelines for the submitted manuscripts. Often submitting incorrectly formatted manuscripts leads to un-submission. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to correctly format the manuscripts in terms of the in-text citations, references, numbering, tables, and figures as per the journal’s guidelines. Usually, these details are found in the ‘Instructions for the Authors’ or ‘Submission Guideline’ sections of the journal’s website. Referring the recently published articles for confirming specific details often helps.

If any of the instructions are unclear you can write to the editorial office of the journal asking for clarification. The contact details for any submission related communication are usually provided on the website of the journals.

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