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How can I submit my paper if the file size is higher than the prescribed limit?

I am in the middle of submitting my clinical trial to Elsevier. I sent an email to the journal asking where to submit my paper, and they sent me a link. However, the file limit that the page suggests is 20MB, whereas my paper exceeds 200MB. In this case, do I have to sent the summary of my paper? It will be nice if you could help me as I could not find more details on the website. 

Here is the link they sent me.



The link the journal sent you is meant for submitting a query to the journal, not for submitting your paper. This is a form meant for contacting the journal. So, basically, I think the journal doesn't directly respond to emails. You need to send your question through this form. You can ask them to direct you to the online submission page of the journal. 

Hope this helps.

Kakoli Majumder

Senior Writer & Editor

Editage Insights

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