Q: How can I get a confirmation of withdrawal from the journal?

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I submitted my manuscript to a journal. On the same day, I noticed that I had made a mistake in following the journal instructions. I sent a withdrawal request immediately. Can I withdraw my manuscript for editing? Now, in the online submission system, the status is seen as withdrawn, but when I asked for a confirmation letter from the editor, I did not receive any response. What should I do now?

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You have mentioned that you sent the withdrawal request on the same day that you submitted the manuscript. So, I assume that your paper had not yet been assigned a manuscript id. If a paper is withdrawn even before it is assigned a manuscript ID, you don't really need confirmation of withdrawal. Just take a screenshot of the submission system where the status says "withdrawn" and preserve it for your safety.  

If however, your paper had received a manuscript ID and if you are planning to submit it to another journal you need a confirmation of withdrawal. In that case, you can send a few reminders, and if you don't get a response, send a final email with a screenshot of the status "withdrawn" and mention that since you have not received any response, you are considering this status as a confirmation that your paper has been withdrawn from the journal. You should preserve this correspondence just in case you face any problem later. 

If you are thinking of submitting your paper to the same journal after editing it, you don't really need a confirmation letter. A screenshot of the status should be enough in case you face any problem while submitting the manuscript the second time.

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