Q: How can I write a problem or needs statement for a proposal on staff training?

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I am going to write a proposal on staff training (report writing). But I cannot find the problem area.

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Firstly, note that we have combined your two separate questions into one question as they were around the same topic. Also, we have made some edits for greater clarity. However, it’s still not entirely clear what your research is around. From the information you have provided, it seems to be around the issue of training staff in report writing.

Coming to your query, the problem statement is based around three points: the current state regarding the problem, the desired or ideal state, and finally, how the remedy or solution uncovered through your study will help attain this desired state.

So, if your study is indeed about training staff in report writing, you may need to talk about the challenges they face in report writing (whether of language, expression, technology, or something else), the adverse impact(s) of these challenges (such as miscommunication and potential losses), what an ideal report should look like (covering aspects such as content, structure, and formatting), and therefore, what training or support they need to improve their ability to write reports.

Apart from a deep understanding of the problem, of the staff facing this problem, and of factors of various kinds that may be causing this problem, developing the problem statement will also come from a comprehensive literature search around the topic and of the field.

To help you get started, here are some relevant resources:

All the best for your proposal, and later, the actual study!