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Academic publishing is an exciting and dynamic industry. In this section, we bring you, the latest updates and news about research publication from across the globe.
EuroScience and Editage partner to support European Young Researchers
EuroScience and Editage announced partnership wherein Editage will provide the winners of the European Young Researchers Awards with a package of support services aimed at disseminating scientific research in enhanced content formats such as videos and infographics. 
Wolters Kluwer and Editage workshop on scientific writing at National Medical Library, Delhi, India
Continuing the collaboration with Wolters-Kluwer India, Editage conducted a workshop at NML (National Medical Library) in Delhi, India, on December 18. Led by Editage Academic Trainer Kalpataru Mukherjee, the workshop was meant only for doctors affiliated with NML.   The workshop was divided into two sessions and lasted for half a day. Addressing the basic concerns of writing a scientific paper, the first session walked the participants through details of the IMRaD format but what really...
US federal body decides to repeal net neutrality
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to reverse net neutrality in the country. This means that going forward, Internet service providers can restrict some websites; reduce the speed at which certain types of content are loaded; and create premium, speedy access categories behind paywalls. This decision is likely to affect several segments of users and businesses including those from the scientific and publishing community.
Elsevier decides to retract 26 articles following suspicions of fake peer review
On Dec 21, Elsevier announced that it is in the process of retracting 26 papers across six of its journals due to peer review manipulation and authorship irregularities. 13 of the papers have already been retracted and the rest are soon to follow. The papers have been published by a group of Iran-based researchers.
Wolters Kluwer and Editage workshop on the basics of writing a scientific paper
Wolters-Kluwer India, in association with Editage, conducted a workshop at ANBAI (Association of National Board Accredited Institutions) in Hyderabad, India, on December 16. The workshop, led by Editage Academic Trainer Kalpataru Mukherjee was attended by medical students and faculty affiliated with ANBAI.   The half-day workshop consisted of two sessions. The first addressed the basics of writing a scientific paper, where apart from a detailed discussion of the IMRaD format with examples, the...
Editage Workshop Marathon in top Korean Universities
The first week of December was an exciting time for Editage in Korea. Dr. Donald Samulack, President, US Operations, Editage, and Hani Kim, Academic Trainer, Editage, conducted ten workshops in eight universites in Korea, from December 4th to December 7th. All the workshops were packed to capacity and saw a lot of participation.        The Workshop Marathon, which was conducted in the oldest and most renowned medical universities in Korea, addressed Author Perceptions of the Academic...
Winners of 2018 Breakthrough Prizes aka "Oscars of Science" win $3 million
On December 3, researchers discarded their work clothes for party wear as they attended the annual presentation of the Breakthrough Prizes, also known as the “Oscars of Science.” The Breakthrough Foundation announced the winners of the most lucrative award in science in a gala ceremony attended by academics and Hollywood celebrities at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California. Find out who the winners are what their contribution is. 
75 Nobel Laureates protest Iranian researcher’s death sentence
A group of 75 Nobel Laureates has signed an open letter addressed to the Iranian government, protesting the death sentence of an Iranian researcher. Ahmadreza Djalali was accused of spying but maintains that he has been penalized for refusing to spy for Iran. Several academic and non-academic organizations have condemned Iran’s treatment toward Djalali. Read on to know more about the case of this researcher whose fate rests in the hands of the Iranian government and how established Nobel...
Experience of Editage Travel Grant winners at ISMTE 2017
Three Asian journal editors from China, South Korea, and Nepal won the Editage travel grant, and attended the European conference of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) in London, UK. For most of them, this was the their first exposure to an international conference. Read on to know what the winners had to say about the experience. 
F1000 to help launch open access publishing platform for South African researchers
The African Academy of Sciences announced the launch of an open access publishing platform called AAS Open Research early next year. This would be created with assistance from the London publisher F1000 and would be the first platform to adopt open peer review. Find out more about this exciting development.