Q: How do I proceed to the next stage after a 'Major Revision' decision by the editor and associate editor?

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I resubmitted my manuscript that I revised as per the reviewer’s comment. Several days later, the status changed to 'Major revision', but it was made only by the Editor and Associate Editor, and there was no comment. I’m not sure how to make further resubmission. I made an inquiry to the journal, but I have not received any response so far.

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From what I understand of your query, the manuscript status has changed to ‘Major Revision’ after you made one round of revision and resubmitted to the journal. Typically, the journal asks for a minor or major revision based on their initial assessment. I am not sure if the initial revision requested was a major revision or a minor revision. If the initial revision was a major revision, there may be another round of major/minor revision requested on resubmission. If the initial revision was a minor revision, the status usually changes to ‘With Editor’ or ‘Decision in Progress’.

In either case, the present status seems a bit odd, especially as there is no comment for the new status, as you have written. A possibility is that a second reviewer felt the manuscript needed major revisions. I understand your dilemma.

However, you have done the right thing by sending a query to the journal. Their delay in response could be due to their backlog as also due to the onset of the year-end holiday season. If you do not hear from them by the year end, it is likely you will receive a response only mid-January. Nevertheless, you could send another query around late December or early January. Hopefully, their response, when it comes, will clarify the status.

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