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After three rounds of review and revision, why is the status "with editor" again?

I'm a little worried about the progress of my research article. The first submitted the article in October 2015, and after one month my article got "major revision". I made all changes and submitted, and after second round of evaluation, I got "minor revision." I made the additional changes suggested and submitted again. After three weeks, the editor sent me the comments of one of the reviewers which were missing during the second round. I incorporated changes following all these comments and then submitted on March 1. However, when I checked the status of the manuscript, it appears "with editor". I don't know if in this round the editor will take his final decision, or send it for review again. What is your opinion?

Multiple rounds of peer review are quite common in the journal decision making process. Usually, in case of a “major revision,” the editor sends the manuscript for another round of review. However, for “minor revisions,” the editor might not send the paper for another round of review, especially since it has already been through two rounds of review. Although one cannot completely rule out the possibility of further review, it does not seem likely if you have followed the reviewer comments and made all the revisions in a satisfactory manner. Hopefully, you will receive the final decision soon.

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