Q: How do I select a reputed international society journal to which I can submit my manuscript?

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In Japan, most often, society members submit manuscripts to the journal of the society to which they belong. Are there many rules for becoming a member in international societies? Also, I would like to know some tools if any (other than special field or impact factor), to select a suitable journal to submit a manuscript. It would be helpful if you could advise how to distinguish reputed international journals from predatory journals (with publication fees).

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Society membership is not a prerequisite for submitting to most international journals. Sometimes, you may receive a benefit in terms of a discounted publication cost if you are a member of the journal society; however, this is not always true. You can review the details on the journal website and decide whether you would like to become a member of the journal society that you are interested in.

As for selecting between reputed and predatory journals, reputed journals are typically indexed in databases such as Scopus, MEDLINE, or Clarivate Analytics. However, non-indexed journals are not necessarily predatory. You may refer to Cabell’s journal whitelist and blacklist. However, this is a pay-to-view list, so you/your institution will need to have access. Another option is Think.Check. Submit, a checklist that helps authors ensure that a journal is not predatory.

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