Q: How do I write the study background for the action research I am doing at my college?

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Based on the teachings I got, the background of the study is written like an inverted triangle.For example, i am writing about the the food truck industry .Talk first about the subject  in a global perspective, going down to  your country, region, and to your exact location.


The background of any study has to set the context for the study. It has to talk about why this study is needed, what gaps the study will seek to fill, and what solutions or gains the study will tentatively offer.

To write the background, you often need to do a thorough literature review. This will help you become familiar with the existing understanding, discussions, and insights in your research area. As you are conducting action research, you will need to look at similar studies in your field, although action research is typical in education. You may also need to read expert articles on the subject. As the researcher is an active participant in action research, you could also talk about what insights you are looking to gain from this “research-exercise” and how you will use them to carve out strategies for student and/or educational improvement.

Finally, although you will need to write about this in the Methods section, you may need to read up about relevant theoretical frameworks to identify one (or more) on which you may wish to base your research.

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