Q: How do I write the literature review for the association of IL6 in assessing COVID-19 severity?

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You’ve come to the right place. :-) We have a collection of offerings (of various sorts) that can help you in your paper. We are sharing them below.

For help with writing the review, you may refer to these articles:

As the literature search is the cornerstone of a review article, you may find this article useful: Tips for effective literature searching

Additionally, given the huge number of papers around COVID-19, it may be challenging finding the right reference papers for your paper. So, you may find it helpful to utilize a literature search service. If interested, you may learn more about our service here: Editage Literature Search

Finally, as your paper is around COVID-19, you may also find it helpful to go through our dedicated site that curates all the latest information and papers related to the pandemic. Visit: covid19.researcher.life

All the above resources should help provide a great foundation for your paper. All the best!